About Us

White Pine Riders ATV Club was Established in 2004 in McGrath, MN. Our Goals are to keep up on the ATV training and Maintenance of trails in our State so people have the chance to have places to go riding and be educated on their machines.

White Pine Riders work actively in our community through philanthropy and we work hard to get more riding trails added to our community.

If you need any information email us at info@whitepineriders.com or submit our contact form.

We REALLY encourage people to get on their machines and ride, but we also want to get the word out to ride with respect and build relationships in our community to help enhance our community and our sport.

Thank you for your support on making this happen!!!!!

Club Officers

Elected Officers

Erv Kleinschmidt, President


Term expires February 2023

Kevin Stulc, Vice President


Term expires February 2023

Cindy Kleinschmidt, Secretary


Term expires February 2023

KC Sarazin, Treasurer


Term expires February 2023

Trish Stulc , Director

1 Year Term


Term expires February 2022

Bob Dresser , Director

2 Year Term


Term expires February 2023

Jennifer Jancsek, Director

3 Year Term


Term expires February 2024

Appointed Positions

Gordon Heitke, ATVAM Representative


Erv Kleinschmidt, Grant Manager


Scott Sarazin, Trail Coordinator